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History & Mission Statement


Virginia Bank & Trust was started on October 21, 1935 as Virginia Industrial Loan Corporation. Located at 322 Main Street in Danville, the goal of the Loan Corporation was to help support local businesses during the Great Depression. After ten years, Virginia Industrial Loan Corporation decided to expand its services and applied to The State Corporation Commission of Virginia for permission to convert to a bank. On November 24, 1945, Virginia Bank & Trust Company opened for its first day of business.

Throughout the years, we have worked to support our customers and the community with financial products and services that make banking easier. In 1963, we constructed our first drive-up window and were the only “Motor Bank” in Danville. This innovation allowed the bank to provide added convenience and quality customer service.

Ten years later in 1972, we opened our first branch office on the corner of Riverside Drive and Piney Forest Road. This second location gave customers another convenient location to visit and helped better serve the community as a whole. Virginia Bank & Trust continued to grow and two years later in November of 1974, the bank moved its corporate headquarters down the street to 336 Main Street. And we’ve been there ever since!

Through the next several years, we opened additional branch offices throughout Danville to better serve our growing customer base. In 1983, our second branch office opened on the corner of North Main Street and Seminole Drive. The bank also extended its drive-up window hours from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Monday through Saturday. In 1989, our third branch office opened on the corner of 58 East and Airport Drive followed by the opening of our fourth branch office two years later in Chatham.

To support the needs of a growing bank, a bank holding company, Virginia Bank Bankshares Inc., was formed in 1998 for Virginia Bank & Trust. With the new holding company in place, we continued to grow and opened our fifth branch office in Mt. Hermon in 1999.

As banking began to evolve, Virginia Bank & Trust started expanding its services to better fit the changing needs of its customers. In 2000, we installed Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) at our Riverside, North Danville, Airport, and Mt. Hermon locations. We also began offering VISA Check Cards to our customers. In August of 2005, we launched our first website and expanded our services to include Internet Banking and Bill Pay. One year later, we opened our sixth branch office, Brosville Station, on Martinsville Highway in Brosville.

Over the years, Virginia Bank & Trust has grown and expanded to better serve its customers and the Danville community. While our services and locations may have changed over time, our focus and goal has stayed the same. We strive to profitably deliver quality customer services that meet the financial needs of the local communities we serve. And all of our decisions are made with that goal in mind.

Virginia Industrial Loan Corporation

R.J. Mustain (October 21, 1935 – January 18, 1937)
Dr. C. W. Pritchett (January 18, 1937 – May 18, 1945)
Wilber E. Bowlin (May 18, 1945 – November 21, 1945)

Virginia Bank & Trust

Wilber E. Bowlin (November 21, 1945 – April 25, 1955)
Dr. C. E. Johnson (September 14, 1955 – August 1, 1965)
C. R. Turner (August 1, 1965 – June 23, 1980)
D. C. Hastings (June 23, 1980 – April 11, 2000)
L. Frank King, Jr. (April 11, 2000 – February 28, 2009)
Roger C. Gillispie (March 1, 2009 – January 31, 2018)
Donald W. Merricks (January 1, 2018 – current)

Mission Statement

Virginia Bank & Trust builds impactful financial relationships in our community.


Virginia Bank & Trust is the community bank of choice.